What is Ping in Gaming?

Online gaming is becoming a trending topic amongst the youth and gamers feel a sense of relief while indulging in the latest online titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG.

But one of the most frustrating problem for online gamers can be the Ping issue and irritating lag. Such issues become much more annoying for gamers when a diminutive split-second delay in the response from the server can result in winning or losing the match.

Although in-game life and death depend on the skills of players in the game and knowledge of the controls, still a minute delay or ping can result in the elimination of the player.

About Ping

Before heading any further, we first have to undermine that what exactly is a ping and how it affects gameplay. In a basic terminology ping is a utility software specifically designed to measure the latency in the network.

Technically speaking, ping calculates the duration of milliseconds taken in a round trip of a signal from the server to the designated devices and back to the server. This process is done through discharging Internet Control Message Protocol echo signals.

In simple terms latency refers to the designated length of milliseconds taken by a signal to reach a targeted device and back to the host server. A ping is a software which helps in measuring latency. To be specific, if one mentions to ping they are actually referring to the latency.

 In regards to gaming, ping helps in ensuring the amount of lag a gamer may face while playing online titles. If the signal takes less time to reach back to the host server than a player would face less delay and the online game would function smoothly.

But if the duration of latency is high and the signal takes a long time to reach back to the server, then a player would face frustrating lag in the gameplay. So it becomes essential for gamers to ensure a minimum latency for lag-free gameplay.

To reduce the amount of ping while playing online games, players should try to make sure that the WIFi connection is proper and to ensure this player can instead use a wireless connection to establish stronger internet access.

Moreover, gamers should make sure of disabling any background downloads, and window updates as these downloads result in additional bandwidth consumption and an increase in latency.

In addition to disabling background download, players should also disconnect the WiFi connection from any other devices ranging from cell phones, PC and gaming consoles as multiple connections will also divert the signal strength from the router.

Instead, gamers should pair the WiFi connection with the device which they are using to access the online game. By using these simple steps, players can have reduced latency which would result in stable and smooth gameplay with no lags and delays in their gaming experience.

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