How to Start with Microsoft OneNote Beginners

Learn to capture images, files and texts quickly at work, home etc. With OneNote, you can create plans and purposes. Numerous scholars take help of OneNote for academics. You can use it for some personal projects and work too.

 It is, in a way, a digital form of a notebook. Capturing and organising digital notes was never this easy. Users can even add diagrams, video, audio etc and take help of additional schedules inside each Office suite.

Follow these simple steps to start as a novice. Later, you will be provided with more advanced tips for getting the most out of this app.

  1. Set up a Notebook.

OneNote notebooks are a bunch of note pages similarly like the physical notebook. Just begin with setting up the notebook. Going paperless means, you won’t be hauling around several notebooks.

  • Adding or moving Notebook pages

Attached benefit f digital notebook is its capacity of adding more pages. Users can even run the pages in your notebook. The organisation is fluid, and it will allow the users to organise and reorganise the pages.

  • Enter the Notes

Write notes directly through handwriting. It will depend on what sort of device you have. There are some more options than these. Users can even use voice; they can take any photo and can convert it to the digital text. Let’s get started with the basics.

  • Generate sections

You start taking the notes once; if you felt any need to make topical sections, then this section will help you in managing the ideas. Users can arrange them through topic or range of dates.

  • Tag the Notes

Organise the data through dozens of searchable tags. It would help you in getting the items from several notes. Users may obtain them from a single store.

  • Add Documents, Images, Video, and much more

It has been mentioned earlier that users may include specific other files and other information for clarifying the notes. Just add files to the notebook of individual notes. Users can even attach them to a particular note. If you want to convey ideas effectively, then additional files will be useful for others. Users may also accord OneNote files easily.

  • Adding blank space

Users can feel as if it is an effortless skill. But as there are many notes and items in a notebook. Inserting the empty space will be a good idea. 

  • Deleting or recovering the files

Just be careful while deleting the files. Be sure before accidentally removing one file won, users should know about improving it.

  • Practice OneNote Mobile Application or Priceless Online Application

Take help of this OneNote for the iOS, Android or the Windows Phone devices. Take the assistance of Microsoft free online version. Users will need a Microsoft account for this.

  • Sync the notes across several devices

OneNote can be synced across desktop and mobile devices. Users can even sync between offline and online use. Regarding this, OneNote 2016 would project most of the options.

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