Apple Watch 3 vs. Fitbit Versa!

Apple vs Versa

The worthy alternative to Apple Watch is a Fitbit Versa.

Versa turns out to be the Fitbit Ionic’s more attractive younger sibling. It has a slimmer body, swappable straps and lower price as well.

Most people get confused when it comes to choosing between the Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch 3. Both of them are closer in the price range and a bit similar in overall features, so it’s fairer in playing field of comparison.

Durability and Design-

Both the watches share a similar design, interchangeable straps, and a variety of watch faces to modify the looks. Also, both of them are water resistant for 50 meters.

Fitbit Versa:

It’s comfortable to wear because it offers a lighter grip on your wrist and is very light due to its thinness.

As there are three different buttons on the Versa, so it gets confusing that which button does what sort of work.

However, changing the band is incredibly fiddly.

Apple Watch

It has smaller footprints on the wrist as the screen has slimmer bezels than the Versa.

It is not just that the bottom bulges out and that the LTE version is thicker, but it may also dig into your skin when the strap is pulled tight.

Swapping the straps out is a breeze.

Smartwatch Features

Although both devices mirror notifications from the phone, but only the Apple Watch gives you unlimited responses. Note that only Android users can program quick replies on the Versa and its lack of microphone means you can’t dictate or write a response like the way you can with the Apple Watch.

Fitbit Versa

It’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

It may lead to miss out on notifications as vibrations are a bit weak even at max vibrate.

Only a few limited numbers of apps available in the store at the time of writing.

Apple Watch

As you’re tied into the Apple ecosystem so you can only use it with an iPhone and with Android devices.

It has lots of smartwatch features than that compared to Versa, for instance like being able to ring your phone or unlock a Mac.

From your digital wallet to the Watch transferring cards for Apple Pay is quite simple.

If by chance you have on you’re an arrangement for phone multiple languages then voice dictation doesn’t always select the right language.

Battery Life

‘Battery life’ is most what that attracts the youth at the current time.

Fitbit Versa

It’s popular among youth mostly because where the Fitbit shines is its battery life. Even after continuously wearing the Versa throughout the whole day during the workout but not listening to music it will still have 10 per cent battery left.

Apple Watch

By comparison, the Apple Watch struggles with its battery life especially if it is using some intensive battery features like LTE and GPS.


So we can comprehensively say that both of them are good in their own ways. For example, most of the people prefer Fitbit generally because of its longer battery life whereas there are also some people who feel that Apple smartwatch is a smarter companion that can free us from our phone once in a while making it a better fit.

From the editors at CNET, the Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch Series 3 received the same overall rating, 8 out of 10 respectively.

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