Apex Legends: Two New Characters Teased in the Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends has turned out to be a massive success as the first-week player record reached 25 million mark. And seeing such a tremendous response, Respawn may release the first season for the Apex Legends.

The new season for Apex Legends will most probably start from the month of March and with the new season, Respawn may include some new content for players to interact with.

A new gameplay trailer for the title indicates that two new characters are going to be added to Apex Legends. The trailer teased a silhouette of two characters with voice over in background declaring Who knows where the next champion will come from.

This new teaser is creating a lot of speculations amongst the fans, that which new character is going to be the part of gameplay. A theory is floating around claiming that the two new characters can be inspired from the Titanfall character concept art.

 The development of current Bloodhound character was motivated by the Titanfall concept art and resembles a bit with Titanfall 2 characters.

The two teased characters in the gameplay also look similar to bloodhound and reasonably it is believed that these two new characters may also be inspired from Titanfall.

The trailer shows a door opens up to two unknown silhouetted characters dancing along. This mini tease clearly does not clarifies the appearance of any of the avatars in the teaser.

 One of the teased characters was wearing a hoodie, which fans have been analyzing and coming up with different theories and plots for the trailer. It is believed that the hooded simulacrum and Talchum are the possible new characters for the title.

Also, the trailer showcased a number of new customizations for players to use and how would the end result look like. The trailer stood out to be six minutes long and featured a number of aspects like looting, parachuting down, combats and much more.

The teaser gave an essential roadmap for all the new players who wish to experience this awesome game. The gameplay also showcased many different locations on the map and mechanics to indulge in a hardcore shooter game.

Players were thrilled when the two new characters were teased as these two avatars would be the 9th and 10th character for players to choose from. Adding them would help players with choosing more options and availing the best character that you prefer.

It would be quite interesting to observe what new content will Apex Legends include to make the game much more exciting and fun to experience.

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