Apex Legends: Hardware Ban Imposed on All Cheaters

Respawn has undoubtedly hit the jackpot with its latest hit title Apex Legends in which players have been enjoying for the trending battle royale genre. In its launch week, Apex Legends managed to secure more than 60 million active players who reviewed this title to be unique amongst all the current battle royale games.

Still, this new title also failed to control the cheaters and hackers in its initial stage as the developers at Respawn were unable to anticipate such heavy traffic for its newly developed title. Moreover, many cheaters were able to fool the servers and gained an extra edge over other new players.

The previous month the team of developers at Respawn made an official confirmation of the ongoing cheating in the title and made sure to ban any player who were caught cheating.

It is believed that additional protection tools were programmed specially dedicated to the title server to catch any IP address who seemingly indulged in wrong practices in the match to tried to gain an extra edge over others.

Also, a total of 355,000 PC players have been banned from the title to protect the integrity of the title and provide each and every player with equal opportunity to win amongst all the other 60 players and win the champion position by surviving until the end of the game.

It seems Respawn is not stopping in eliminating any cheater from their title, especially the cheaters on PC as recently a post from Daily eSports confirmed that multiple players were banned from the Apex Legends title for cheating in the game.

And not only the account of such players is permanently blocked, but the computer they were using to access the game is also banned from any further gameplay associated with the Apex title. Moreover, any other user accounts for the Apex Legends game was also prohibited from accessing the title which was linked with the banned computers.

The player who is caught cheating has decidedly fewer hopes for reaccessing the Apex title as developers at Respawn are determined to buzz off any such users who do not believe in fair play.

So it is rather wise to not indulge in any unfair practices and instead focus on their gameplay and skills to defeat any players in the game by themselves. The team of developers at Respawn are looking forward to developing more anti-cheating tools for the PS4 and Xbox One players and make the title much more fair for all the players.

As with the latest hardware ban, cheaters would consider twice before trying to use wrong means to progress in Apex Legends title. This fear would surely help in resolving the current cheating problem in the title.

Hopefully soon players will be able to enjoy the Apex Legends title without any potential cheaters and provide all the participants with fair opportunity to win the game.

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