Apex Legends: Hardware Ban Imposed on All Cheaters

Respawn has undoubtedly hit the jackpot with its latest hit title Apex Legends in which players have been enjoying for the trending battle royale genre. In its launch week, Apex Legends managed to secure more than 60 million active players who reviewed this title to be unique amongst all the current battle royale games. Still, Read more about Apex Legends: Hardware Ban Imposed on All Cheaters[…]

6 Best Guitar and String Instrument Tuners

When you pick up your guitar after a while and it sounds to be a little out of tune then your guitar tuning skills will come into pay. You could do it by listening and tuning if you are a pro, but if you are not so proficient, then these guitar tuner devices may come Read more about 6 Best Guitar and String Instrument Tuners[…]

What is Ping in Gaming?

Online gaming is becoming a trending topic amongst the youth and gamers feel a sense of relief while indulging in the latest online titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG. But one of the most frustrating problem for online gamers can be the Ping issue and irritating lag. Such issues become much more annoying for Read more about What is Ping in Gaming?[…]